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911 operator talks about $300,000 request in exchange to pull over

Jeniffer Herring, (Source: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office) Jeniffer Herring, (Source: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office)
Jeniffer Herring, (Source: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office) Jeniffer Herring, (Source: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A woman from Myrtle Beach told 911 dispatchers she would pull over for deputies for $300,000, according to a news release from the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office. At the time, the woman was being chased by deputies through Supply.

"I have a contact with you guys if you want to go ahead and declare a false sense of emergency – it's $300,000 per incident," the woman told the 911 operator a the beginning of a nearly 10 minute call. "I need to  make sure you guys are willing to pay the fee that you already owe before I pull over."

According to Mose Highsmith with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, deputies tried to pull over Jeniffer Herring from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on Highway 130 near Oxpen Road, which is near Holden Beach Road. The call came in around 11:25 p.m. Monday.

Dep. Joe Cherry is the deputy, who managed to arrest Herring.

Cherry told WECT.com that Herring is what is known as a "sovereign citizen." He said running into sovereign citizens is a growing problem for law enforcement.

"I'm not running from this cop," Herring told 911. "I'm doing 40 mph with this cop behind me with his siren on acting like a moron. Can you please let him know to turn it off because I'm not running."

Herring repeatedly told the 911 operator that the officers trying to pull her over were creating a "false sense of emergency" and that she wasn't going to stop driving because she wasn't speeding.

"No, I'm not pulling over because pulling over is voluntary I'm not doing nothing wrong," Herring told 911. "Are you ready to pay the $300,000? That's all I want to know. If you want to pay the $300,000 then I'll pull over. That's my offer - $300,000. That's my offer, I'm asking you to accept it."

Herring goes on to tell the 911 operator that if he "calls off the dogs, we can pretend like this never  happened."

The 911 operator continued advising Herring to pull over throughout the entire 911 call. Herring refused saying he couldn't give here legal advice because he isn't an attorney.

Highsmith says six units joined in the pursuit, but Herring refused to pull over. She eventually stopped on her own fifteen minutes later when she went to the end of Old Ferry Road near Betty's Restaurant and the road came to a dead end.

"You know why I'm going to pull over? I'm going to pull over because I know I have to recognize you as an authority," Herring eventually told the 911 operator. "I have to recognize there's an emergency.  You're telling me there's no emergency, but you're chasing me at 65mph in a 45 zone and you're going to try to say I'm speeding."

Deputies say speeds reached approximately 70 mph in a 45 mph zone at one point.

At the end of the 911 call, Herring refuses to give the operator her full name when asked.

"My mother named me Jenna and that's the only name I have. That is my name. My name is what I say it is and I approve this message," she told the operator.

Just moments after "approving her message" you can hear officers yelling at Herring to "get on the ground!"

Herring denied a breathalyzer test twice, according to Cherry. He had to pull a warrant to draw blood from her for a blood test.

Herring is charged with DWI, felony fleeing to elude arrest, driving while license revoked, careless and reckless driving and driving left of center.

Herring also faces a charge for an outstanding arrest warrant on a failure to appear on a pending DWI case in the county. According to Cherry, Herring had been stalking the deputy who charged her with that DWI on Facebook and threatened to do the same to Cherry at the time of her arrest.

Herring's car was confiscated by the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office on Monday night.

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