3 arrested, 1 wanted for Clemson student's murder

Steven Grich was murdered. (Source: WYFF)
Steven Grich was murdered. (Source: WYFF)
(Source: WYFF)
(Source: WYFF)
Lester Mosley is wanted by authorities. (Source: WYFF)
Lester Mosley is wanted by authorities. (Source: WYFF)

PICKENS COUNTY, SC (WYFF) - Three men have been arrested and one is wanted after the shooting death of a Clemson student.

Deputies said Steven Gregory Grich, 23, of Fort Mill, was shot to death Saturday at 8:30 p.m. at the Chimney Ridge apartments.

Grich was a junior electrical engineering student at Clemson University.

Investigators said three to four masked men came into the home through an unlocked back door on Smoke Rise Drive and assaulted Grich and others inside.

They said five other people were in the home, but were not seriously injured.

Jordan Charles Dalton, 19, of Central, Jaron Bradley Dalton, 24, of Six Mile, and Bernard Kadeen Ramsey, 19, of Central, are charged with murder, armed robbery, burglary and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Deputies said warrants have been issued for Lester Devaria Mosley Jr., 18, who investigators consider to be armed and dangerous.

Investigators said information led them to Ramsey on Monday morning and that the investigation implicated the Daltons and Mosley. The Sheriff's Office said both Dalton brothers voluntarily came to the Pickens County Law Enforcement Center about 5 p.m. Monday to speak with investigators. Investigators said a black Dodge Durango caught on surveillance camera leaving the apartment complex Saturday night was located and impounded.

According to investigators, the intent of the group was to rob the deceased victim's roommate of what they believed to be a large amount of marijuana. Deputies said only a few grams were actually taken.

When deputies discovered during their investigation that there were drugs in the house, they arrested Robert Benjamin McKinley, the victim's roommate. He was charged with simple possession of marijuana. An investigator on the case told News 4 he was selling drugs out of the home.

"Typically in home invasions suspects know what they're looking for. It's typically money or drugs," said Pickens County Assistant Sheriff Tim Morgan.

The Chimney Ridge Community is made up of more than 100 homes marketed to Clemson students.

The Sheriff's Office said the prior property owner did not want deputies on the property so an attorney had deputies banned from the property unless deputies had a lawful reason to be there.

"We wrote a response back to their attorney that once things get out of hand, it's going to be very difficult for a responding officer to take action and actually to make it safe for the officer," said Morgan. "Once a situation got out of control, we couldn't just send the officer on duty, we'd have to muster up enough resources together to respond so we could be safe in that response and we warned them that's what was going to take place if they went through with this."

The current management disputes the Sheriff's Office comments.

J.J. Andrighetti, attorney for Chimney Ridge, sent a statement to News 4 saying: "We are shocked and horrified by the events of the weekend. We've worked very closely with the sheriff's office on this. We've provided them our video surveillance which they've released to the public. We've asked residents and employees to come forward if they know anything, and we'll just continue to be involved with the sheriff's department as their investigation progresses."

"We dispute the notion that we banned the Sheriff's Office from being on the property. However, we have taken the additional measure of allowing them to patrol our neighborhood, and in that context, we've also added a private security guard to patrol from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. overnight. We've also taken additional steps to have security codes changed with each resident."

Deputies said there have been numerous calls from Chimney Ridge for thefts, noise complaints, underage drinking and an alcohol-related death and assaults.

Morgan said as of Monday, the new management group rescinded the trespass notice.

Dorian Dolleman, who was Grich's friend and who also lives at Chimney Ridge, said, "He was just as nice as can be. He was just a kind guy."

"I'm just uncomfortable, really. I just don't really feel so safe here," said Dolleman.

Investigators said none of the suspects are Clemson University students.

Anyone with information about the shooting or Mosley's whereabouts is asked to call 1-888-CRIMESC or the Sheriff's Office at 864-898-5500.