Report: Teenager suffers seizure after smoking synthetic pot

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office says a 14-year-old boy was transported to the hospital after the teen smoked synthetic marijuana.

On the afternoon of Dec. 13, a deputy responded to Coral Bay Drive where he found an unresponsive boy. EMS then arrived on scene and transported the boy to a local hospital.

A neighbor told authorities that he saw the boy walking on Coral Bay Drive then collapse on the ground. The neighbor reported he saw the boy foaming from the mouth.

The boy told deputies that he was walking around didn't remember anything else.

An incident report states that the boy said he had smoked spice earlier in the day with an 18-year-old boy. The boy said that he smokes spice once a month and had a similar reaction to the drug a year ago.

Investigators say when the father arrived at the hospital, he told authorities that he wanted something done with the 18-year-old boy who gave his son spice.

No charges have been filed in the case.

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