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Live 5 Most Wanted suspect found in Berkeley Co. jail


A Live 5 Most Wanted suspect is now in the hands of Charleston police after Berkeley County Detention Center officers realized there was a warrant for his arrest.

Bradley William Connor, 27, was set to be released from the Hill-Finklea Detention Center on separate charges Thursday when officers realized there was an active warrant for his arrest in Charleston.

Connor is charged with second-degree burglary in connection with a break-in on Feb. 22 last year.

"Taken during the burglary was a laptop computer, two cameras, 2 cell phones and $200 dollars in cash," said Cpl. Fred Bowie. "They probably knew nobody was home and they probably had some information about what might be inside the apartment."

Bowie said Connor's alleged accomplice messed up by taking some of the stolen items to a pawn shop.

Cops were able to trace the electronics back to the suspects.

"When she pawned the stuff, that was one of the leads," Bowie explained.

Bowie said Connor made yet another mistake, he bragged to a witness about the crime.

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