Grandmother reports scammers after catching onto scheme

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a woman caught onto a scheme by two people, one of whom claimed was her grandson, trying to scam her out of money.

According to investigators, on Dec. 8, the victim received a call from a man claiming he was her grandson. The man claimed he had traveled to Atlanta with some friends and was arrested for DUI.

The sheriff's office says when the victim questioned why the man did not sound like her grandson, the man said he had a broken nose in an accident which resulted in his arrest.

An incident report states that the attempted scam lasted for 15 minutes. The victim then received a phone call from someone claiming he represented his grandson. The caller told the woman that she needed to wire $3,725 so her grandson could be released from jail.

The woman then realized the calls were a scam and contacted the sheriff's office. Authorities are continuing the investigation.

The sheriff's office released the following information:

This incident is a variation of several scams which have been tried by scammers to solicit money from individuals throughout the U.S. most involving a call from a "relative" reporting some type of arrest and money is requested to be sent to get the person out of jail. The requests may include wiring the money through a third party or source.

In this incident the potential victim did all the right things including: noticing inconsistencies in the information coming from the person claiming to be her grandson and asking important questions about the incident in question, knowing the Grandson had not been traveling, trusting her instinct's that something wasn't quite right and contacting law enforcement to report the incident.

To avoid being a victim of fraud anyone receiving calls soliciting money, including those claiming to be relatives or someone acting on a relatives behalf, are encouraged to do some research into the "reported" incident before sending any money. Many detention centers and courts have websites where information on arrested persons can be verified.

Check online for similar scams the better informed you are the less likely you are to become a victim of fraud. Follow your instincts more often than not if something doesn't seem right there's usually a reason why. Finally notify law enforcement and report incidents when they occur.

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