Cops: Man injured after trying to stop speeding Jeep 'old school' style

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say a Mount Pleasant man was dragged by a Jeep after he took matters into his own hands by attempting to stop the vehicle which he says was speeding in his neighborhood.

On Sunday afternoon, the Mount Pleasant Police Department responded to East Cooper hospital for a man who was reportedly dragged from a vehicle at the Pleasant Pines subdivision. When officers arrived, they reported that the man had numerous cuts from head to toe, a bandaged right hand, appeared to have a swollen left knee and injury to his abdomen.

The man said he saw a black Jeep Wrangler traveling at least 50 mph on Pleasant Pines Road. According to the man, when the Jeep got into the neighborhood, the vehicle sped up.

A police report states that when the vehicle was leaving the neighborhood at a high rate of speed, the man walked out in front of the Jeep to get the driver to slow down. The man said that the driver, who looked to be in his teens or early twenties, refused to talk to him.

According to police, when the driver refused to turn off the vehicle, the man said, "I'll turn it off for you."

Police say when the man reached in to the Jeep to turn off the ignition, the vehicle drove off with the man's arm still in the Jeep. Authorities say the man was dragged and then fell to the ground.

The man told police that speeding was a problem on the street for the 27 years he had lived in the neighborhood. When police asked him if he had ever contacted police about the problem, the man said he dealt with things his way and that he was a "little more old school."

Officers told the man that he did not have the authority to stop vehicles or reach into other people's cars.

Police say the victim's daughter was able to locate the Jeep a few hours later on Houston Northcutt Boulevard and contacted authorities.

The driver of the Jeep, a male teenager, told investigators that a man had confronted them in the Pleasant Pines subdivision. According to the teen, the man stood in front of his Jeep and then tried to take the keys. The teen said he was scared and drove away.

The teen also told police that he saw the man fall down and stand up as they were driving away.

According to a police report, another teen in the Jeep caught part of the incident on his phone. Police say the video shows the victim coming around the vehicle, cussing at the occupants in the Jeep and telling the driver to turn the Jeep off.

Authorities say the driver can be heard asking the man if he had done something wrong and referring to the man as sir. Investigators say the video confirmed that the man confronted the occupants of the Jeep, reached into the vehicle and attempted to turn it off.

No charges have been filed.

Neighbors in the area said they didn't see the incident, but said there was an ongoing problem on the street with speeding vehicles. The neighbors told authorities that they would sometimes try to tell the speeding drivers to slow down.

The neighbors said they considered getting speed humps in order to stop the problem.

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