Cops: Student punched, kicked officer before she was tasered

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Summerville police say one of their school resource officers was forced to use a Taser on an Alston Middle School student Thursday after she punched him in the face and chest and kicked him in the groin.

According to an incident report, the school's resource officer responded to a disturbance in the 8th grade hallway around noon to find a female student yelling threats and obscenities.

The resource officer attempted to get the student to calm down, but she continued to resist and walk away from him and a teacher. When the resource officer grabbed the student by the shoulders, the student "spun around and punched [him] in the face several times and once or more in the chest," the report states.

Then, as the officer tried to grab her a second time, he said the student gave a "full force kick to [his] groin, causing great pain." The teacher then tried to get a hold of the student, but she continued to resist, so the officer pulled out his Taser and told her to stop or he would use it on her, the report states.

When the student failed to heed his command, the officer said he fired "one cycle" from the Taser and the 8th grader fell to the floor. The student was taken for medical treatment following the incident.

She was charged with disturbing schools and released to her mother.

"We certainly hope the use of a weapon calls for an investigation," said Vickie Middleton with the ACLU of South Carolina. "There are positive ways to promote good discipline without resorting to force."

Summerville police said Friday they feel the officer's use of force was justified.

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