Documents: Suspected arsonist did repair work on unsolved house fires

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Live 5 News investigation uncovers new information about the man accused of setting fire to a downtown Charleston home two years ago.

Documents state that the suspect, Kenneth Boone, applied for and was granted, city permits to do repair work on two homes that have been part of the string of unsolved house fires in downtown Charleston.

Work permits connect Boone to two homes on the arson investigation list.

According to city officials, between October 2005 and November 2011, Boone got ten permits to do repair work at homes in downtown Charleston. Repairs to two of those homes were due to fire damage.

Those houses were located at 48 Montagu Street and 54 Cannon Street. Investigators say those homes are on the list of the more than 55 arson fires reported over the last decade. The Montagu Street blaze happened December 2010 and the one on Cannon Street happened in November 2010.

Boone got the permit for the Montagu Street repair work the month after the fire. He got two permits for work on the Cannon Street home work two months after that fire.

Boone was arrested last month and has been in jail since his arrest. Boone is accused of setting the Montagu Street fire, the same house he later did repair work on,  as well setting two fires in the town of Hollywood. He is also charged with soliciting someone to help set a fire.

It's important to note that investigators have not linked Boone to the string of arson fires in downtown Charleston. Live 5's investigation shows he did work on at least two of the homes on that list.

We've also found out that Boone made more than $6,000 for the repair work on the fire damaged homes on Montagu and Cannon.

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