Duo may be responsible for several North Charleston burglaries

Micah Joseph Jefferson and Sahib Jamel Rose
Micah Joseph Jefferson and Sahib Jamel Rose

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say two men may be responsible for several burglaries in North Charleston.

Officials with the North Charleston Police Department say detectives are reviewing recent burglaries and believe that 26-year-old Micah Joseph Jefferson and 33-year-old Sahib Jamel Rose may be responsible for a number of them.

Both men are currently locked up at the Al Cannon Detention Center on burglary charges.

The suspects were arrested for a burglary that happened at a home on Fernwood Drive on Thursday. A police officer responded to the area of Fernwood Drive and Furr Street in reference to two suspicious men walking into different yards on the street.

The responding officer said he saw Jefferson walking out from a carport at a home on Fernwood Drive. A police report states that as the officer was talking to Jefferson, Rose approached the officer.

Authorities say as another officer was approaching Jefferson, the suspect took off on foot. According to investigators, Jefferson was arrested following a brief foot chase.

Officers say Jefferson was found with jewelry and rare coins in his pocket

When investigators returned to the Fernwood home, they found the home had been ransacked. Officers also located a pillow case with more jewelry and coins, and a crowbar.

Authorities were then notified of a second burglary at a home on Shadow Lane. At that home, investigators say the back door of the garage had been forced open. Police say that someone had gone through the master bedroom. Officers reported that a jewelry box had been rummaged through as well as several drawers.

Police say Jefferson confessed to breaking into the home on Fernwood Drive and admitted to burglarizing the home on Shadow Lane. According to investigators, Jefferson told detectives that Rose was with him during both burglaries acting as a lookout.

A concerned citizen told police that he had seen both of the men walking into neighbors' yards and saw the "lookout" standing at the corner of Fernwood Drive and Furr Street.

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