85-year-old woman goes back to class, earns GED

DUBUQUE, IA (KWWL/CNN) - A woman in Iowa has proven that it's never too late to accomplish a goal by earning her GED at the age of 85.

Surrounded by photographs of her husband and children, Lois Houselog has led a good life, but she had always wanted to graduate from high school.

"I only graduated from eighth grade. I never went to high school at all," she said.

After finishing eighth grade in a one-room county schoolhouse in 1941, she started working instead of continuing her education.

"In the early 40s, there were a lot of kids that did not go to high school," she said.

But with her loving husband deceased for 10 years now and her children long out of the house, Houselog decided to get her GED.

Two months of daily classes later, Houselog accomplished her goal and earned her GED.

"I don't need it, but it's something I wanted," she said.

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