Kids and Cops: Holiday Shopping Spree

Kids and Cops

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Several North Charleston kids like 7 year old Dillian Glover were in for a special surprise.
21 elementary and middle school students went on a shopping spree with a 150 dollar gift card to Walmart. It's all thanks to a North Charleston Police Department program called Kids and Cops.

Sergeant Andrew Glover was paired with Dillian and on a day he would normally be off-duty, he volunteered his time.  He says it was to special to pass up.

"Right when they walked in the store you could see the kid's faces light up. There were big smiles on everybody's faces. I don't think they could smile any bigger," said Glover.

The NCPD Kids and Cops program is more than just shopping, it's about building relationships.

Glover said, "I have kids and working with the law enforcement you see kids and they can't provide like what we have here in the cart and given the opportunity to do so, I wouldn't turn it down."

It began with an idea from officers Clinton Ivey and Chris Tallbot. They wanted to help children in need this holiday season.

"They're our future, what the neighborhood is going to be is sitting in this room right now. I know to get a gift is a small token but showing them that we are here for them and we're not just police officers. If they need us they could come to us for anything," said Ivey.

This is the first year for the program and the NCPD is already looking for ways to expand. The officers were initially going to help 5 kids but with overwhelming financial support from local businesses, they were able to help 21.

"Today is worth every minute we spent on them. To get them in the holiday spirit, to let them go to Walmart and get what they want,i think it's going to be a good deal," said Ivey.

North Charleston councilman Edward Astle believes that through activities like Kids and Cops, the new relationships will carry on through life.

Astle said, "It was really great to see kids interacting with the police. It's one of those positive experiences with authority."

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