Official: SC agency website was defaced

Picture of website after it was hacked. Source: WIS
Picture of website after it was hacked. Source: WIS

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Authorities are investigating what they say was the defacement of a South Carolina agency website, but they stress that the site was not hacked.

WLTX-TV reports that an image appeared on the Department of Employment and Workforce website on Saturday evening claiming, "This site was hacked."

Agency spokeswoman Adrienne Fairwell told The Associated Press that officials believe it was a "website defacement," similar to graffiti on a wall. She said the image was taken down after a little more than an hour, and that personal identifying information was not lost or stolen.

She said the defacement also occurred at about 12 other websites nationwide.

Fairwell said information technology specialists were working on the issue late Saturday.

In mid-September, a computer hacker stole the tax filings of 3.8 million adults and 700,000 businesses as part of a massive security breach at the state Revenue Department.

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