Quick tips to get you in and out of the mall madness

Quick tips to get you in and out of the mall madness

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - If you thought Christmas Eve was your last trip to the mall for a while, think again! A survey shows one in three shoppers return some of their Christmas presents.

It's the season for returning gifts and there are some golden rules and a golden ticket you need to keep it hassle free. That ticket to easy gift return is your receipt!

Customer service can usually look up an item by it's method of payment, but having that slip of paper will make things go much quicker at the register.

Another tip is to keep tags and labels intact. Some stores won't take back items without them. When it comes to electronics, bring back the complete packing, boxes and all.

You can avoid a repackaging fee or a restocking fee if everything is in its proper place. The day after Christmas is usually the busiest for returns, so wait until the weekend if you want your trip to be quick.

To avoid going to the post office, some retailers will allow merchandise purchased online to be returned or exchanged in their stores. While you're making a return you can check out the after Christmas sales.

Thirteen percent of retailers are tightening their return policies this year making it more difficult to return items like electronics.

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