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Smith Co. Sheriff's Office to reorganize


As Smith County Sheriff-elect Larry R. Smith prepares to take office as the new sheriff, he has been making plans to reorganize the sheriff's office to improve service to Smith County.

Smith's plan calls for improved service, streamline operations, cross-training officers, increasing the number of deputies on patrol and increasing overall efficiency and morale for the department. According to Smith, none of the changes will require an increase in manpower or budget.

Smith will implement a 12-hour patrol shift, putting twelve units on the streets of Smith County on every shift. This is three times the number currently on the street on a given shift. Changes will be made that will allow deputies to work each shift under the same supervision and with the same deputies.

The command staff will also be reorganized, reducing the number of lieutenants on duty by one and adding an extra Sergeant position in order to have more support and supervision in the field. A Patrol/Investigator position will also be added to more effectively pursue criminal investigations of Class A through C misdemeanors.

A chaplain program, led by Dr. David Dykes, will also be added to counsel employees undergoing family issues, grief or job-related problems.

Smith's plan will be implemented beginning January 1.

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