Health officials: Number of flu cases on the rise in SC

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - State health officials say the flu has already put more than 500 people in the hospital. There's been a sudden spike in this year's flu season that began not too long ago in October.

According to the Department of Health and Environmental Control, 10 people have already died from the flu in the state and that's compared to one death last year.

Health officials say 519 people have been hospitalized since Oct. 1 compared to only 114 last season.

Doctors say flu frequency can be based on what year it is.

"Sometimes these things are cyclical," Dr. Radwan Hallaba said."Last year was very very low, next year it spikes."

There are several strains of influenza with Type A and B most common.

Dr. Hallaba says he's seeing mostly type a in his patients. While one isn't any worse than the other, symptoms can be different in every body.

According to Dr. Hallaba, the vaccine this year seems to match up well with what he's seeing. Another reason for the widespread virus is people may have skipped out on their flu shot since last year's season was pretty slow.

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