Police: Thief arrested after returning to scene of crime at Walmart

Police: Thief arrested after returning to scene of crime at Walmart

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - A suspect who stole a wallet from a shopping cart last month at the Moncks Corner Walmart returned to the scene of the crime and was arrested, police said Wednesday.

Twenty three year old Noe Cardona was arrested Dec. 26, 13 days after he allegedly took the wallet.

Jessica Rogers was shopping for groceries at the Walmart on Dec. 11.

"Left the parking lot, realized oh no, I left my wallet in my buggy," Rogers said.

She went back to Walmart, hoping the wallet would be there.

"I looked in one of them, my checkbook was there, but no wallet," Rogers said.

Loss prevention officers at the Walmart looked at the video of the crime.

"You go from there and then the next camera, maybe 20 seconds away, and then you get them walking out of the store and now you can find, you can even go into where they're at the register paying for things," said Moncks Corner Police Lt. Michael Roach.

Rogers also looked at the videos.

"There were a couple of good pictures when he was coming out. You could see his face."

Police said on Christmas Eve, the suspect came back to the Walmart and was recognized by a security officer.

Cardona turned himself in the day after Christmas.

"I told him I said,'Look, you're on video taking the lady's wallet and they recognized you in the store. If you want to tell us about it, fine. If not, we're gonna get a warrant, we're gonna arrest you.' He says,'Yeah, I took it,'" Roach recalled.

For Rogers it turned out to be a merry Christmas.

"The whole process, it was very unfortunate, but the way it played out and ended, it's great and I'm very blessed," Rogers said.

Cardona is charged with larceny.

Lt. Roach said the suspect is on probation for forgery. Cardona is scheduled to be in court Jan. 17. He faces a possible 30 days in jail or a fine of $1,076.

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