Downtown center to house two separate schools

Downtown building to house two separate schools

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some Charleston students are returning to a new school building after their holiday break.

Students at the high school grade level at the Charleston Charter School for Math and Science are now attending class inside the Rivers Education Center. Students in the middle school grade levels will remain at 12 mobile classrooms located behind the Center's King Street location.

"Everyone who has had a hand in the school is extremely excited. This day could not have come soon enough," Principal Michael Stagliano, Ph.D, says.

The students will soon be joined by students of the newly formed Lowcountry Technical. The school will be comprised of 150 8th through 11th graders from the Charleston County School District, according to Career and Technology Education Director Ginger Reijners. Their first day of school will be January 22nd.

The two schools will be housed in separate wings of the building.

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