Restaurant asks police to remove weapons or leave

BELLEVILLE, IL (KSDK/CNN) - Denny's Restaurant is apologizing after some Illinois police offers were told they weren't allowed to carry their weapons inside.

"While they were eating, the manager walked up to them and advised that they either had to take their weapons outside and lock them up in their cars or they needed to leave," said Capt. Don Sax with the Belleville, IL  Police Department.

Sax says the five plain-clothes officers identified themselves as detectives, but the manager told them they or the weapons had to go.

"As they were leaving, another manager came out said 'They are police officers, it's OK' but they decided at that point they had been harassed enough they have been embarrassed more than enough,  so they exited the restaurant," Sax said.

The chief says officers are no longer allowed to go to Denny's while on duty unless they are responding to a call for service.

"How do you tell a police officer who's on duty just because he's not in the uniform, well you can't carry the tool of your trade in the business, but we'll let anybody else, any sex offenders, any pedophiles, anybody else come in unchecked," Sax said.

Denny's released a statement saying that restaurant policy allows law enforcement to carry weapons in the restaurant and that they regret the misunderstanding.

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