Caught on camera: Thief steals wallet from woman in line at Walmart

Wallet theft caught on video

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A woman in a Walmart checkout line stole a wallet belonging to a customer in front of her, police said Wednesday.

The crime was caught on store surveillance cameras at the Walmart on Dorchester Road last Saturday morning.

For victim Patricia Williams, it was supposed to be a quick shopping trip.

She paid for her items, left the store and realized her wallet was gone.

So she went back inside to talk to the cashier and the woman who was behind her in line.

"I'm asking both her and the cashier, have you seen my wallet? No, we didn't see anything," Williams recalled.

Williams said the same woman approached her outside the store.

"She comes out to my vehicle and says oh, did you find it and I said no, I'm still trying to find it."

With no signs of her wallet, Williams asked loss prevention officers to look at the store's surveillance tapes for answers.

She couldn't believe what she saw.

"I felt like somebody just took my heart and put it in the bottom of my stomach, just unbelievable. Find out the lady that was behind me actually took the wallet herself and stuffed it in her stuff."

The woman took it right off the counter, according to cops.

"That quick, she took it," Williams said. "For her to do it with a child sitting in the cart, totally disheartening."

Police said the video shows the suspect leaving the store as if nothing happened, and then walking to her vehicle to pack up and go.

Williams, who at first had no idea who was responsible, says the suspect seemed sympathetic.

"She said I hope you find it, God bless you. I'm just like, really."

Two days after the theft Williams got a surprise in her mailbox.

"There's a big package and I'm thinking well, maybe it's something I ordered, I don't know," she recalled. "It was a bag of social security cards and cards that were in my wallet."

Police said the same woman who stole the wallet, got Williams' address off her driver's license, and returned her I. D. cards, but not the cash nor gift cards that were in it.

"Now you come to my home? The heart of people," said the angry victim. "I want her to be held accountable for what she did, I just want her to be held accountable."

Anyone with information on the theft should call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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