Sheriff Cannon: Good teachers may not make good cops

© Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon @ Press conference
© Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon @ Press conference

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon held a press conference today to discuss many concerns of public safety. Cannon stressed that it is important for the public to know what to do if they find themselves in a shooting. He referenced a video on their website called "Run, Hide, Fight". It is a realistic demonstration of ways to escape and defend yourself if a shooting takes place.  

Cannon also addressed school safety and does want more officers on campuses but he doesn't think teachers should be armed with guns while at school.

"There are good teachers out there who are not necessarily good police officers," said Cannon.

Cannon emphasized that this is a complicated issue and there could be problems with securing the weapons if teachers bring them to school.

He views the idea of School Resource Officers (SRO) in elementary schools as a good thing.

"I think there are some very positive things that could happen with a police officer in the setting with very young children in terms of helping to establish a good relationship," said Cannon.

The sheriff's office has increased patrols in public areas and is working with the Charleston County School District to explore more safety options.

Several local school districts have been talking about putting armed officers in elementary schools, since a massacre killed 20 students in Connecticut.

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