Day in the life of a School Resource Officer

Day in the Life of a School Resource Officer
© North Charleston SRO Supervisor Sgt. Kathi Love
© North Charleston SRO Supervisor Sgt. Kathi Love

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - From the moment students and teachers step foot on campus at Garrett High School, the school resource officer, also known as SRO, is already making the rounds.

"We go around to make sure the doors are unlocked," said Sgt. Kathi Love.

Love is the SRO Supervisor and said they serve three major roles: Safety, education, and counseling.

"There are always different people that kids trust, so it's just another added component into the schools that kids can go to," Love said.

All certified SRO's get more training than the average street officer so they can work with students. Love said working with students require SRO's to know how to work with a large number of potential situations. In addition to the working with students, they must also work with parents.

Lockdown drills are a big part of safety, and Love says it's their time to practice emergency situations.

"We train the students by teaching them what a drill is," she said. "We train the teachers and principals that if this happens, if we had an active shooter com in, this is what we need everybody to do."

In a real-life situation. Love says SRO's are ready and armed with a gun, pepper spray, and a baton.

Love said most days they don't have to use their weapons. Instead, they teach life skills and decision making.

"It gives a positive image with these kids. They see them in an everyday capacity, not somebody knocking on their door and looking for somebody in their home or patrolling, writing somebody a ticket," said Love.

There are currently 26 SRO's assigned to North Charleston schools. The Charleston County School District is considering adding 21 more police officers to North Charleston Elementary Schools following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

A decision is expected on Monday.