Family creates fundraiser for autistic son's dog

LINCOLN, NE (KHAS/CNN) - The family of a 7-year-old-boy is raising money to help train their pet to become a service dog.

Alex, 7, suffers from a number of disabilities, including Tourette's syndrome, blindness in one eye and a 25 percent loss of his hearing. His parents have been told there isn't much treatment that can be given to him.

Alex's mother believes there is a solution for her son.

"The answer to me is medicine and CoCo," said Kim Anderson, Alex's mother.

CoCo, an 80-pound, one-year-old St. Bernard is Alex's constant companion and best friend. The Anderson family desires to have CoCo trained as a service dog.

Due to his disabilities, Alex cannot feel any pain. After an accident where Alex was hit by a car, Anderson knows that CoCo could have and would have saved Alex from such an incident.

"She's always aware of where Alex is at," said Anderson. "Right now, she doesn't know what to do."

The training for CoCo requires costs $7,000. The Anderson family is trying to raise the rest so the dog will be trained before Alex's next visit with a specialist.

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