Summer in January: People enjoy the outdoors

Summer in January: People enjoy the outdoors
© 2nd Sunday Downtown on King Street
© 2nd Sunday Downtown on King Street

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Near perfect weather had people heading outside today in droves. By the looks of it, January is the new May.

"I can't believe I just felt sand in my toes," said Jacquline Pittman.

Pittman, a fairly new face to Charleston from New Jersey doesn't miss the weather there and enjoyed the view at Folly Beach. She said this is much better compared to northern winters.

"The sun doesn't come out. It's probably 30 degrees and it's definitely different from being down here," said Pittman.

Last year temperatures for South Carolina were well above average. It was the hottest year on record for the entire country. In fact, the hottest day ever in the state was last year on June 29th, coming in at 113 degrees.

Holly Seigler said, "It's wonderful, it's why we live here. It's January, 'Sunday Funday' you can go to the beach, have some brunch and still take the dogs out because they're not allowed out here after May 1st."

From Folly Beach to the heart of Charleston, the streets were packed. Everyone was out enjoying the weather and everything the Lowcountry has to serve up. Downtown was no exception.

Every 2nd Sunday, King Street is closed to traffic so everyone can shop, eat or take a stroll down the street. Jennifer Ferrebee, co-owner of Verde said this is one of the most crowded 2nd Sundays she's seen and the weather has helped.

"In general on 2nd Sunday's we can expect that our daily sales can be double from a normal Sunday. We just love getting to meet new faces and customers coming in our doors," said Ferrebee.

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