Wild hogs terrorizing West Ashley neighborhoods

Wild hogs running through neighborhoods
A damaged yard.
A damaged yard.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Wild hogs are terrorizing homeowners in the Grand Oaks Subdivision, tearing up yards and trees.

The hogs are running loose in the Autumn Chase and Magnolia Lakes neighborhoods.

Residents said it started just before Christmas and hasn't stopped.

"Terrible, I mean it's awful," said homeowner Blanche Dennis who's used to winning yard of the month. "They're right at my door, right at the window. They tear up grass that I put down and stuff."

The subdivision's management company sent out cards warning about the hogs, telling homeowners to be alert and cautious because the animals are dangerous.

Dennis' neighbor Josephine Freeman hasn't seen the hogs, but says her brother has.

"He said it was a really big one," Freeman recalled. "He was sitting out here in the yard, driveway and when he saw it, he ran back in his car."

So how did the hogs wind up in the neighborhood?

One theory is they used to roam a wooded area off Bees Ferry Road that has been cleared for a new apartment complex.

So they had to go somewhere to find food.

The grand oaks neighborhood is behind the new complex, plus there's a pond there that the hogs may be using.

"We're just terrified . I have a disabled sister in the house," Freeman said.

A spokeswoman for the management company said they will send someone into the neighborhood to try to trap the hogs.

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