C of C smoking ban stalled by Faculty Senate

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A potential smoking ban at the College of Charleston was voted down Tuesday by the college's Faculty Senate.

Both the Student and Faculty Senates met Tuesday evening to address legislation supporting a tobacco-free campus. The smoking ban passed in the Student Senate, with a vote of 14 to 8, but the Faculty Senate voted it down 15 to 14.

Erica Arbetter, Student Body President for the Student Government Association, says the SGA needs to be proactive as tobacco continues to be "one of the most deadly products available to college students".

"I support a tobacco-free campus for what it will provide long-term, which is make the College of Charleston a healthier, cleaner and all-around more productive place to live and learn," stated Arbetter in an editorial to CisternYard.com, a student media organization.

The Board of Trustees will review the potential smoking ban Thursday and Friday, and the issue will then be revisited in April. Arbetter says student support will have major weight with the board.

If the ban passes in April, College of Charleston will become a tobacco-free campus beginning in the fall of 2013.

This campus smoking ban comes on the heels of a push to make the area around MUSC tobacco-free.

To view Arbetter's editorial, complete with why she says CofC should be tobacco-free, click here.

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