Motorists ticketed for cutting through N. Charleston neighborhoods

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police are cracking down on drivers who cut through North Charleston neighborhoods to avoid waiting in traffic by issuing hefty fines to offenders.

The newly enforced ban says drivers who cut through Cameron Terrace and Oak Park neighborhoods in North Charleston can face a fine of $237 and lose 4-points on their license.

Officials say traffic tie-ups occur when a lot of parents drop off their kids at nearby schools in the same areas. To avoid the traffic, motorists are cutting through nearby neighborhoods, but the city says that is not allowed.

Nearby Academic Magnet, Charleston County School of the Arts and three smaller public schools bring in a few thousand students every morning. The main intersection of Lackawanna Blvd and West Enterprise is where most of the traffic congestion occurs.

North Charleston police are expected to show up at the busy intersection around 7:30 a.m. to direct traffic and help with traffic flow until it clears up.

Traffic signs have been posted in the neighborhoods to warn people not to cut through, and large lighted signs warn drivers to only use Lackawanna Blvd. to get to schools.