Mayor Riley: Police in elementary schools is not wisest action

Mayor Riley: Police in elementary schools is not the wisest action

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Mayor Joe Riley recommended bullet proof glass in schools instead of police when it came to protecting children in elementary schools

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Riley referred to President Obama's plan for tougher gun regulation as "common sense gun control legislation."

The mayor said there's more than one way to solve a problem and he agreed with the President that assault weapons should be banned.

The President signed off on 23 executive orders that go into effect immediately. He doesn't need the approval of congress on the orders but does need them to pass a ban on military style assault weapons, ammunition magazines of more than 10 rounds and background checks for anyone wanting a gun. Mayor Riley agrees.

"An assault weapon out there means it's capable of getting in the hands of the wrong person and we've seen tragically what happens when that occurs," said Riley.

The mayor continued to say that he doesn't think school resource officers should be placed in elementary schools.

"We think that it also can create a false sense of security. You got a police officer there and you kind of let your guard down and we think from our stand point that there are better methods at making our schools safer," Riley said.

He would like to explore other ideas for safety. The city is in the process of meeting with law enforcement agencies and officials from the Charleston County School District.

The school board voted to station an officer at all 21 North Charleston Elementary Schools. The school board will vote January 28th about whether to add more officers to schools in other cities and towns in Charleston County.

Sheriff Al Cannon is expected to talk about the President's gun violence plan Thursday morning.

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