Cattles thieves hit Upstate again

CHESNEE, SC (WYFF) - Less than a week after more than two dozen calves were stolen from an Upstate livestock exchange, cattle thieves have struck again in a different location.

Chris Wilson with the Chesnee Livestock Market says a cow and five calves were stolen Sunday from an open pasture. He estimates the theft will cost the market more than $4,700.

Wilson said he has contacted authorities and is reviewing the market's surveillance video.

Wilson said, "They know exactly how to do it, when to do it and where to do it and they did it in broad daylight so not scared, not at all. Not one bit. I've got them on camera. It's just a matter of time."

He said the video shows the thieves in a black dually truck with a black trailer.

Wilson believes the theft is connected to the theft last week in Anderson of 26 calves from the Upstate Livestock Exchange.

He said, "They know too much about stockyards and how to work cattle. Whoever it is is brave."

The 26 stolen calves are valued at $20,000.

"Just a shame someone comes in here and does this," Wilson said. "It trickles on down the line. Doesn't just hurt one person -- hurts a lot of people."

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