Cannon clarifies gun control comments

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon at Jan. 17 press conference
Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon at Jan. 17 press conference

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In an interview on Thursday, Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon clarified controversial comments he made regarding President Obama's gun control proposals.

Cannon said during a press conference on Jan. 17 that he may choose not to enforce President Obama's gun control proposals if they become law. Cannon clarified his stance on the proposed law changes in an interview.

"What I said was that I would look very closely at any legislation, be it state or federal, coming out of congress that affected the second amendment," said Cannon. "I would be talking to the attorney general to ensure that we were not enforcing some law that was unconstitutional."

The sheriff previously said the president's plan to ban assault weapons and high powered ammunition magazines would punish law abiding citizens. He also said if officers are ordered to do something unlawful, they do not have to do it.

"An officer is obligated and has a duty not to follow an unlawful order. And it's left up to that individual to determine and assess whatever the order he is given is lawful," Cannon said during his Jan. 17 press conference."I intend to do that with any piece of legislation, whether it comes from Washington or the state that deals with the second amendment and has the effect of restricting what I think is a vital, vital right."

An online petition is calling for Sheriff Cannon to resign over his controversial remarks.

Cannon says he knew when he took the job that people wouldn't always agree with his views.

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