Sheriff Cannon calls proposed assault weapons ban 'very scary'

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon called a proposed assault weapons ban, which would ban more than 150 types of assault weapons, a "very scary" proposition.

"Scary...very scary. And [Sen. Dianne Feinstein] says over time it's her goal to eliminate certain types of weapons," Cannon said of Sen. Feinstein's legislation that she proposed on Thursday which would also ban high capacity magazines. "I think that's very scary and it's a slippery slope."

Cannon spoke with CNN's Carol Costello Friday afternoon regarding Sen. Feinstein's proposed assault weapons ban. This comes after the sheriff gave an interview on Thursday and clarified comments he made regarding President Barack Obama's gun control proposals.

During a press conference on Jan. 17, Cannon said that he may choose not to enforce the presidents gun control proposals if they became law.

On Thursday, Cannon clarified his stance by saying,"What I said was that I would look very closely at any legislation, be it state or federal, coming out of congress that affected the second amendment. I would be talking to the attorney general to ensure that we were not enforcing some law that was unconstitutional."

Cannon again stressed on Friday that he would meet with the attorney general to get guidance on the issue and said that he would not be making any type of decision on his own.

"All I've done is stood up and expressed my view of this very crucial part of the second amendment," Cannon said. "

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