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Surveillance video shows why ETX dentist convicted of murder was arrested twice


The trial is over for the East Texas dentist convicted for murdering his wife, but we now have video of Nichols violating his bond during that trial.

Thursday evening, a jury sentenced 76-year-old Bobby Nichols to 20 years in prison. He'll have to serve at least half of that before he's eligible for parole.

In Nichols' trial, a pre-trial supervision coordinator testified that it was a violation of Nichols' bond to possess or consume alcohol while out on bond. However, the video shows Nichols' doing just that.

The surveillance video is from Tucker's beverage in Winona. You see Nichols stop to chat with people coming out of the store as he makes his way in. Cameras inside the store capture him perusing the aisles before picking up vodka and whiskey. Nichols pays in cash. An employee carries his bag as they head out to his car. Nichols was arrested again during his trial and booked into jail on a $6 Million bond. It's behavior prosecutors said should offend the jury.

"While in front of the 12 of y'all -- who have taken time out of your days to be here and put your schedules aside -- what does he do? ...goes out and buys him some booze. You know who that's an insult to? Who that's a slap in the face to? Each one of you," said Smith County Assistant District Attorney Richard Vance.

The State also presented evidence that Nichols had written a $100 check to the liquor store in September.

The defense argued that in September, Nichols didn't fully understand the terms of his bond. The defense didn't address Nichols' bond violation last weekend during the trial.

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