Report: Drunk man points gun at police officer who woke him up

Matthew C. Robinson
Matthew C. Robinson
Picture of Matthew C. Robinson who was interviewed for a story in Aug. 2012.
Picture of Matthew C. Robinson who was interviewed for a story in Aug. 2012.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Police Department has arrested a 39-year-old Mount Pleasant man accused of pointing a gun at a police officer who woke him from his sleep.

Investigators charged Matthew C. Robinson, who is a Mixed Martial Arts trainer in Charleston, with pointing a firearm.

On Friday morning, an officer was on patrol in the area of Wappoo Road and Sam Rittenberg Boulevard when he saw an SUV backed up in a parking lot.

A police report states that the officer conducted an investigation because of recent burglaries, robberies and car break-ins in the area.

When the officer looked in the car, he saw Robinson in the driver's seat.

After knocking on the door and telling Robinson he was with the Charleston Police Department for a second time, Robinson woke up and looked at the officer, police say.

A police report states when the officer again told Robinson he was with the Charleston Police Department, Robinson pulled his hands from underneath his blanket, took out a gun and aimed it at the officer's head.

The officer then ducked quickly towards the rear of the SUV and took cover behind some bushes. Additional officers were then called to the scene.

Robinson was then ordered to drop his weapon and get on the ground. Police then arrested him.

When Robinson asked police what was going on, authorities told him that he pointed a gun at an officer's head. Robinson then said, "I don't have a gun."

Investigators say they saw a black pistol on the front center console of the SUV and a shotgun against the front passenger's seat.

An incident report states that Robinson denied having a gun and pointing it at the police officer. Authorities say Robinson appeared "grossly intoxicated,"had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath, bloodshot eyes, unsteady on his feet and slurred speech.

When police asked Robinson if he had been drinking, Robinson said he had a couple of beers.

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