New wave of indoor fitness comes to Mount Pleasant gym

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Picture yourself surfing without the water and waves splashing in your face. A new form of fitness allows people to surf indoors and it's called Surfset Fitness.

Surfset is a unique workout that combines both fat burning moves and core training on a specialized surfboard meant to mimic riding the waves.

The 45 minute workout is packed with upbeat music as you lunge, squat and paddle on your board.

"You are smiling the whole time and it's a great workout you don't even realize how hard you're working out", said student Erin Brown.

Instructor Jennifer Pendergrast has been surfing since she was a young girl and says this workout is as close to it gets to the real deal.

"Everybody gets a good workout and it's still specialized to them", Pendergrast said.

The moderate to high intensity class is meant for people of all ages and abilities and can burn up to 900 calories. Pendergrast says the class not only packs a punch to your abs but also helps with overall balance and coordination as you try to stay put on the board.

"The next morning you feel things you did not realize you own. Hips,'s a good thing", Pendergrast said.

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