Family of murdered Mt. Pleasant couple grants rare interview

It has been several months since St. Maarten police arrested three men for stabbing to death Michael and Thelma King inside their St. Maarten home this past fall.

In a rare interview last week, the brother of Michael King, Todd, talked with a St. Maarten radio station about the progression of the case. He said the FBI has worked closely with the St. Maarten police from the beginning, interviewing twenty to thirty people here in the United States and gathering bank and phone records. Todd King said he was not sure how the police on the island would handle the investigation, but he and his family have been more than impressed.

"If we were not we would have certainly been in the media certainly been complaining about the way we were treated," said Todd King, during an interview with Island 92, a St. Maarten radio station. "But that was not our case. The hardest thing is being quiet as a family member. Back home you wouldn't believe the things we see on the TV screen."

Todd King said the Prime Minister of St. Maarten even stopped by the police station to check in on the family following the murders. Before they were killed Michael and Thelma King worked with St. Maarten residents, Topper and Melanie Daboul, to start a rum factory on the island. Todd King said there is absolutely no truth to rumors the rum business may have been connected to the murders.

The three men, Meyshane Johnson, Jamal Jefferson Woolford and Jeremiah Mills, will go to trial in early April.