SC-born America Now host, author talks new book

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Leeza Gibbons, author and host of nationally-syndicated news show America Now, comes to the Lowcountry to talk about new book

Raised in Irmo, SC, Leeza Gibbons was best known as the beautiful and articulate anchor in the mid 80' and 90s on Entertainment Tonight.

Leeza now comes into our homes every weekday morning as the co-anchor of Raycom Media's syndicated news show America Now.

Leeza made the trip to Charleston to promote her new book entitled Take 2.

"I think its all about happy endings and new beginnings because I think as we journey though life we get detached from the essence of who we are," Gibbons said.

Take 2 is a self help guide full of life lessons and shows you how to learn life lesson number one which is how to really love yourself.

"I think its a reminder that you can reboot and hit the reset button if you need a tune up or tweak,"Gibbons said.

Born in Hartsville, SC, Leeza is the daughter of Jean and Carlos Gibbons Leeza's father is a former state superintendent of education and antique shop owner.Leeza graduated from Irmo High School outside Columbia and went on to graduate from the University of South Carolina.

"When I come back, it's like a hug,"Gibbons said.

Leeza has three children and in 2011 married the love of her life, Steven Fenton.

"They teach me how much I don't know and how much I can take and that we grow stronger when we realize we are perfect in our imperfections,"Gibbons said.

Leeza says life has taken many twists and turns but she lives by one simple rule.

"Change is either going to break into your life or you are going to open the door for it and I have learned to open the door,"Gibbons said.

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