Dream day for some James Island students at Boeing

Dream Visit to Boeing

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - It was a dream day for some James Island Middle School students who had an up close look at Boeing's Dreamliners.

"This place is giant, and the planes are huge," says 6th grader Grace Brown.

That was the consensus among the sixth graders who looked in awe as the 787s as they made their way down one long assembly line.

"It's almost like going on a cruise, but in the air," says middle schooler Jared Lipton.

This kind of access is all part of Boeing's "Dreamliner" tour, designed for kids to get to know Boeing better and understand the opportunities at their fingertips.

"Get them to start exploring career options and know what's out there, especially in their own backyard. So, having Boeing here was really a great opportunity," says Paula Engle, a guidance counselor at James Island Middle School.

And the lesson wasn't just in math and science, but business and management too.

"The different careers at the end of the program that are available at Boeing, beyond mechanics, engineers, but there's human resources, finance people, catering people and all the different kinds of jobs that are here," says Engle.

Boeing's education program took off in August of 2012. Two-thousand middle school students have come through their doors from all over the state.