Mother, baby daughter hide in closet during home burglary

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say a 19-year-old North Charleston woman and her baby daughter took refuge in a closet after two thieves broke into the woman's home earlier this week.

Kortney Nottage said it all started Tuesday morning when she woke up and didn't feel well. Some time later, she heard the door bell ring multiple times.

"I didn't think anything of it. I called my mom and asked her if we were expecting anybody to work on the back porch and she said,'No,'" Kortney said."I just automatically assumed it was solicitors, so I didn't answer the door."

The North Charleston Police Department says Kortney was able to look outside and see the two suspects, later identified as 40-year-old Erik Kenneth King and 34-year-old Chanel Arlette Watson, walk back to their truck.

A police report states that the suspects returned a short time later, cut the screen on the back porch of the home and kicked open the back door.

"The sound I heard was like 'Boom!' I heard mumbling, so I thought someone was in the house," said Kortney who said she was in a bedroom at the time."I automatically jumped up, locked the door and grabbed [my daughter] and went into the closet."

Kortney said she heard glass breaking and people talking as she and her daughter, Kyleigh, hid in the closet.

A police report states that the suspects went through the home taking an LCD television from the living room and another television and DVD player from a bedroom. Kortney said both she and her daughter were in the closet for about 7 minutes and during that time she contacted police to inform them of the situation.

"I was trying to stay as calm as possible, I was shaking like crazy," Kortney said. "I didn't want to start crying hysterically and they hear me and come and do lord knows what."

Kortney didn't make a sound, but her daughter did which spooked the thieves who then ran out of the house.

"Honestly, I wasn't thinking about myself, I was thinking about [Kyleigh]," Kortney said."Obviously, I didn't know what kind of people they were...whether they had weapons."

According to Kortney, an off duty police officer who lived nearby, heard the dispatch communications regarding the description of the suspect's truck, got in his car and spotted the suspect's vehicle.

Investigators with the North Charleston Police Department say the suspects were located traveling down Rivers Avenue and stopping at a pawn shop.

Officers then detained both of the suspects who were later positively identified by Kortney and were charged with second-degree burglary and grand larceny.

Investigators say they also found all the merchandise stolen from Kortney's home.

"I'm glad they were caught and did not get away with it," Kortney said.

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