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Westwood ISD board votes tonight on armed teachers proposal


Westwood ISD is voting at their board meeting Monday evening to decide to implement what they call the "Guardian Plan".

The plan would allow several volunteer teachers,administrators, and custodians to be trained, licensed and armed on campus.

Superintendent Ed Lyman, says the guardian plan could be in effect by the end of February, that's of course if it's approved at the board meeting.

"School invasions and school murders these things have got to stop and the only way they can truly be stopped is by having trained law abiding citizens armed to protect our kids," says Lyman.

If the plan is adopted, the employee must have their own concealed handgun license, and must receive specialized training through the school.

Lyman says those employees that are authorized to carry a weapon, will be issued a card that they would keep on their body at all times when the weapon is with them---which would allow them to carry the weapon anywhere on school property.

"The guardian plan is actually our effort as educators to do our jobs to protect out kids and to make sure that gun free zones don't become targets," says Lyman.

The district began talking about the plan in December, after an event that rattled the community.

"We received a call that the police department was at our elementary school and that there had been an intruder enter into our playground area and that they wanted our schools to go into lock down," says Lyman.

Lyman believes arming several teachers, and administrators on each campus will protect students and deter armed people from trying to enter the schools.

Lyman says the only time weapons would be used would be in a life threatening situation.  He also says the campus' are still considered a gun free zone for all other individuals not employed by Westwood ISD. 

The guardian plan will be one of the last items on the agenda at the board meeting Monday evening. The voting will take place around 8:30 or 9:00 p.m..

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