Democrat ends bid for Congress, backs Stephen Colbert's sister

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch.
Elizabeth Colbert-Busch.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Three democrats who have considered running for Tim Scott's old seat have dropped down to two.

Martin Skelly has announced that he is dropping out of the race, but is putting all of his support behind Elizabeth Colbert-Busch.

The two announced their new plans during a news conference downtown. Colbert-Busch also talked about her famous brother, Stephen Colbert, helping with her campaign.

"Elizabeth Colbert Busch has demonstrated that she is an outstanding candidate," said Skelly. "She inspires both the party faithful and the political center that we need to generate consensus and end gridlock in Congress. Last Friday I called Elizabeth Colbert Busch and offered her my full support. I pledge this support to her with no regrets and no reservations…Congresswoman Colbert Busch will address the issues we both recognize as vital to the state of South Carolina and our great nation."

In response, Colbert Busch said she was pleased to receive Skelly's endorsement. "It is gratifying to know you support me and believe I am the best candidate to take on the Republicans in this all-important race to represent the wonderful people of District 1," she said. "I am convinced that this is our time as Democrats to represent our needs in Congress. This is our time to take our communities' abundant resources and translate them into well-paying jobs that will lift us up and strengthen our struggling middle class. This is our time in the Lowcountry and our Coastal Communities to commit to our children that we will educate and prepare them for the 21st century, and the hi-tech world they are getting ready to embark on. This is our time. Now is the moment."

That brings the count to 16 Republicans, and now two Democrats vying for the spot.

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