Upstate woman charged after autopsy shows baby had meth

GREENWOOD, SC (WYFF) - An Upstate woman is facing a new charge after her 1-month-old son's autopsy came back showing meth in his system, according to Greenwood police.

Police said Nina Pamila Bates, 33, was first arrested last week after police discovered the ingredients to manufacture meth throughout the home.

She was charged with manufacturing meth.

Bates is now charged with unlawful conduct toward a child.

The coroner's office ruled the baby's death accidental when it occurred on Dec. 12, and lists the cause of death as asphyxiation.

Investigators say that Bates was charged with unlawful conduct toward a child because meth was not directly responsible for his death.

According to police, the infant died after Bates fell asleep with the baby in bed.

Deputy Coroner Marcia Kelly-Clark Clark told police that Bates said she fell asleep while breast feeding the infant and may have rolled on top of him, causing him to suffocate.

Clark also told police that there were no injuries to the infant and he appeared to have suffocated.