50 teens busted with underage drinking, woman charged

Eleanor Richards. Source: CCDC
Eleanor Richards. Source: CCDC

MCCLELLANVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County sheriff's deputies charged 50 teens with underage drinking after breaking up a party in McClellanville on February 9.

According to an incident report, deputies were called to a home at 434 Mercantile Road on Feb. 9 around 11 p.m. after receiving a complaint of loud music.

Deputies arrived to find multiple cars partially blocking the road, a bonfire in the home's backyard, and a large group of teens standing around the fire.

Authorities say a number of suspects ran into the home or fled into the woods when they arrived. Teens could be seen dumping out beer and alcohol inside the home, while others were throwing beer cans into the woods and fire.

Deputies say they gathered all the partiers around the fire and spoke to the homeowner, 49-year-old Eleanor Richards, who claimed she did not know a party was going on. Deputies say Richards appeared to be under the influence of medication and was slurring her words and had difficulty standing.

A search of the home was performed, and teens were found hiding throughout the residence. Deputies say beer and liquor was found throughout the home, and they could smell marijuana upstairs.

Fifty teens received citations for minor in possession of beer. Deputies say there were safely escorted from the property.

Richards was allowed to turn herself in a later date because of her state. She turned herself in on Feb. 13 at the Charleston County Detention Center. She was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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