Public comment sought on changes in SC beach law

Waves crash on Folly Beach.
Waves crash on Folly Beach.

Associated Press

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - After more than two years of work, a panel working to refine South Carolina's beachfront laws has completed its report.

They are now asking for public comment on their proposals, including one that ends the state's 25-year-old policy of retreating from the beachfront.

There has been little retreat in building since the state passed its Beachfront Management Act back 1988. The revision would instead commit the state to maintaining its existing beaches and dunes where they are.

The 28-page report is posted on the website of the state Department of Health and Environmental Control. A 30-day comment period started Monday. Any changes in the law would have to be approved by state lawmakers.


DHEC call for comment on beach law changes:

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