Chilly temps, big crowd at SEWE

Chilly Temps, big crowd at SEWE
Marion Square Downtown
Marion Square Downtown

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The dropping temperature and dark clouds over Marion Square didn't stop crowds from heading out to the Southeastern Wildlife Expo.

"I think I see snow now," said Laura Calk.

The food and sights were enough to keep people's minds off the chilly weather.

Don Tanner of Summerville said, "We just watched the birds of prey and that was very exciting. I think our next event is going to be eating."

SEWE, in it's 30th year attracts more than 40 thousand people each year.

Adrienne Calk said, "It seems pretty crowded this year." "We had to wait in line a long time to see the snakes," said Laura Calk.

The 3 day celebration of nature is the largest of its kind in the nation. Last year people were out in shorts and flip flops but its the exact opposite this year.

"I lived up North so its not a problem. Most of the people here are from all over, so they're used to it. I don't think its going to be a problem," said Don Tanner.

While the thought of wintery weather may sit well with some, Reynolds and Boden Tindall said, "A little snow, we want snow."

Others may not agree.

Adrienne Calk isn't looking forward to snow. She said, "I don't like snow, that's why I live in the South. We don't get it here very often." While Laura Calk said, "Its a treat though, it doesn't stay long."

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