Ladson gun show safety to prevent accidental gunfire

Ladson gun show safety to prevent accidental gunfire

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - There were long lines and a lot of guns at the Land of The Sky Gun and Knife Show in Ladson.

"I think everybody came in early Saturday morning with a big rush on ammo," said Mike Kent, show promoter.

Before visitors could browse or stock up, they were greeted by a police officer at the door.

"He's going to check the firearm to make sure its unloaded and he's going to strap it with a plastic tie to make sure no cartridges can be inserted. Then you are free to walk around with your gun, sell it to a dealer, whatever you'd like to do with it," said Kent.

Earlier this year there were several accidental shootings at gun shows in other states. While none of those cases happened here, the show has beefed up security by adding more officers and taking steps to make sure a gun isn't accidentally fired at the show.

Kent said, "If you'll notice looking on everybody's table, they have bright orange plastic cable ties that are inserted through the actions and that's to preclude any cartridges from being inserted."

Just like a gun shop or sporting goods store, Kent said before buying a gun, everyone must go through a background check. The process takes a few minutes for the FBI to process the information.

"If you have a felony, especially any kind of domestic violence type of situation on your background. Anything like a minor traffic thing or DUI will not preclude you from getting a gun but any type of major felony will stop you from getting one," said Kent.

Kent said numbers this year were higher than normal because of the push from the Obama administration to ban certain firearms.

The Land of The Sky Gun and Knife Show will back at the Ladson Fairgrounds on June 1st and 2nd.

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