Cops: Drug dealer arrested after girlfriend's ex returns home

Justin Brown
Justin Brown

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say a woman's boyfriend was arrested on drug dealing charges after her ex-boyfriend returned to her home wanting his clothes back.

The Charleston Police Department charged 24-year-old Justin Brown with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

On Tuesday afternoon, an officer traveling down Nassau Street was stopped by a man who said that he needed help getting all of his clothes back from his ex-girlfriend's apartment on Nassau Street.

When the officer arrived at the apartment and told the ex-girlfriend why they were there, the woman agreed to go upstairs and pack the rest of the man's belongings.

Other officers then responded to the home to assist with the incident. When one of the officers asked the woman if there was anyone else upstairs, the woman said her boyfriend was in the bedroom.

Police then found Brown in the bedroom during a protective sweep and asked him to come downstairs.

An incident report states that when Brown told officers that he did not have his ID card, he placed both of his hands inside his pockets.

Officers then told Brown to remove his hands from his pockets and asked him if he had any weapons, to which Brown replied no and consented to a search.

According to investigators, officers felt a bulge around Brown's left hip area and asked him what it was.

"That's my weed man," Brown told officers.

Authorities say they recovered a bag from Brown that contained 16 plastic bags which contained marijuana.

Brown then told police that he had a "blunt" and more marijuana inside of his socks.

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