Market Street drainage project delayed, will cost $2.7M more

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - City of Charleston officials say the Market Street project has been delayed by almost seven months and will cost $2.7 million more than planned.

City officials say the extra cost is still within the project's $20 million dollar budget.

The city says the added costs is because crews have to dig deeper than originally planned which will delay the project.

It's all because of an abandoned sewer tunnel full of water. If that were to flood, workers could be hurt or even killed.

Flood waters last summer were so deep, folks were kayaking down Market Street. The city says Phase II was to be completed by January of 2014. That date has been pushed back to August 2014.

City officials say when Phase III is finished, the new tunnels will carry water from Market Street to the Concord Street Pump Station, then back out to the Ashley River. When the entire project is finished, almost 4000 thousand feet of underground tunnels will carry water out of the Market.

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