President Obama's plan includes fixing flooded Charleston streets

Fixing flooded Charleston streets part of President Obama's plan

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Fixing flooded Charleston streets is part of President Barack Obama's budget plan. If it goes through funding, it would not only improve your drive, but would also create jobs that cannot be outsourced.

He talked about the plan in his State of the Union address, but broke it down with Debi Chard in a one-on-one interview at the White House.

Charleston drivers could see 75 to 90 million dollars worth of better roads.

President Obama's Fix-It-First policy could fund the final fix to the crosstown flooding, finishing the pumping station.

The  high waters that stop traffic on the west part of Calhoun and Morrison Drive could be a thing of the past if the president's plan is passed with current thoroughfares the priority.

"Before we start any new roads and bridges and other facilities we have to get these fixed right now," President Obama told Chard on Wednesday.

Drivers have been dodging construction on the crosstown for almost two years.

Under the president's new plan, drivers wouldn't have a long wait for this new construction to start.

"So we're cutting red tape, streamlining the permitting process and we want to leverage private dollars so taxpayers don't carry the whole burden," President Obama said.

And at the same time, the president says the construction will put more people to work, improve our economy and rebuild  the corridor of commerce.

"We know how important the Port of Charleston is for the economy of the region, our roads, our bridges how we move products and services around the country and the around the world that's going to give us a big competitive advantage, " the president said.

The project is included in the president's budget proposal.

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