Deputies: Woman received letter claiming to contain anthrax

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Law enforcement, rescue crews and a HAZMAT unit were called out to a Summerville neighborhood Monday night after a woman received a letter from her son that was said to contain anthrax.

The incident occurred at a home on Isabela Court in the Myers Mill subdivision around 7 p.m. Deputies say a letter addressed to the victim's daughter contained the word "anthrax" along with a white powdery substance.

According to an incident report, the letter was from the victim's son, Paul Schurman, who is incarcerated at King County Jail in Seattle Washington.

The victim told officials she opened the letter in a separate room from her daughters. Upon finding the white powder, she put the letter in her bathroom, locked herself in her room and called the sheriff's office.

Deputies say there were additional letters in the home from the Schurman that were not yet opened.

The letter was removed from the home by a HAZMAT unit and tested in a mobile lab, where deputies say the substance was found to be non-threatening to the victims or the neighborhood.

Deputies did not say what the substance was.

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