Charleston man accused of threatening president's life on Facebook

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A 28-year-old Charleston man is accused of threatening the president's life on Facebook.

Patrick Randell McIntosh was arraigned on Wednesday on charges of possessing three firearms and ammunition while under indictment for a felony and for threatening the life of the president of the United States on Facebook.

"McIntosh is charged with making violent and disturbing threats online and via e-mail to several people, including a threat to the life of the president of the United States," said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates. "Many state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies have worked together to bring this potentially dangerous man into custody to protect the citizens of the United States."

According to Yates, McIntosh posted on his Facebook page his intention to shoot customers at an Atlanta lounge and to kill the president of the United States. Authorities say after McIntosh made the threats, he purchased three firearms.

Court records state McIntosh also threatened a woman in Atlanta. The woman reported to authorities that McIntosh was stalking her.

She gave police the location of a hotel where McIntosh was staying and law enforcement officers subsequently arrested McIntosh at the location and recovered guns and ammunition in his possession.

McIntosh was indicted by a federal grand jury in Atlanta on Jan. 15, 2013, and charged with illegally possessing three firearms and a large amount of ammunition while under indictment for a felony offense and for threatening the president.

He had been released on state bond after being indicted in South Carolina for felony stalking.

McIntosh faces a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison on the firearms charge and 10 years in prison on the threat charge.

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