Airmen of 14th Airlift Squadron return to excited families

More than 130 Airmen stepped off the plane Sunday to a warm welcome home at Joint Base Charleston.

Emily Crane said, "We're just so excited to have him home and she's excited too. She just kept screaming, Daddy now, Daddy now."

Family members braved the cold as they eagerly awaited the return of the 14th Airlift Squadron.

Airman Dan Crane said, "It was tough being away from home, it always is, but any day you can come home and see these girls is good."

The Airmen spent 4 months on operations throughout Southwest Asia. While some have been deployed more times others, they say they're always excited to see their loved ones, made clear by the smiles on their faces.

"Its like the first time all over again. Every single time, it never really gets old," said Sgt. Frederick Jordan.

The families try to stay connected by Skype and phone calls, but they do say it gets hard sometimes.

Kristina Jordan said, "Its a lot of faith and patience. Being apart this long is not fun, but its definitely worth it when you get back together."

Although the Airmen spent Thanksgiving and Christmas overseas, Frederick and Kristina Jordan found a way to celebrate.

"We have a tradition where we watch the Christmas Story every Christmas," said Frederick Jordan, "Since I wasn't here this year, she actually sent it to me and we watched it at the same time when she was here and I was deployed."

Now back on American soil, families can celebrate traditions together.

The Airmen completed many flying combat missions and also completed more than 100 airdrops to resupply other service members throughout Southwest Asia.

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